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Ford S. Elliott

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Chairman

Joshua Howard

President & Chief Legal Officer

Peter E. Reinert

Chief Financial Officer

Adam Plous

Chief Operating Officer

Carlos Salgado

Chief Construction Officer

Michael Pitts

General Counsel

Michael Leich

Chief Business Officer

Maxine Turner

Chief Accounting Officer

Thomas Phillips

Chief of Staff & Senior Legal Counsel

Valentina Alvarez

Corporate Counsel

Cameron Aldridge

Director of Human Resources

Christina Tran

Project Director

Les Leith

Construction Division Controller

Susan L. Roberts

Operations & Office Manager

Deb Conant

Paralegal & Loan Manager

Brett Massey

Land Development Director

Heather Elenbaum

Land Development Director

Susan Laserna

Land Development Director

Kristina Lane

Land Development Director

Shari Horeth

Office Services Coordinator

Jennifer Liddy

Executive Assistant

Jennifer Uphold

Restaurant Operating Partner

David W. Hub

Restaurant Operating Partner

Ethan Bullington

Project Estimator

Martha Smith

Accounting Specialist

Meet the Team

The Passion Behind Contender

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